At the end of the day

Like many people, I love the time around sunset – the colours, the dramatic stacks of clouds, the silhouettes.  My images are rarely able to capture the moment in its full glory – more practice needed, perhaps – but they give some sense of the scene that greeted us.


The first photo was taken on the drive back to Calgary after a day hiking in Banff.  The second was on the road from Swiftcurrent to the US-Canada border at Piegan. 

On our daily trips to and from Cardston, Alberta, across the border to Glacier National Park in Montana, I spotted a place that, given the right conditions, had the potential to offer some great views.  Finally, on our last day, following a thunderstorm, we were treated to the sunset that I had been hoping for.

Near-US-border5 Near-US-border2Near-US-border6Near-US-border4

We stopped here, at the side of the road, on several occasions.  Although this was a major highway, it was quiet enough for me to be able to stand in the middle of the road to take a few photos – a strange experience! 

Sherburne4 Sherburne

Lake Sherburne

Goose IslandCardston Cave-and-basin

Photo 1 is a view from St. Mary Lake and photo 2 was taken near Cardston.  During our visit to the Cave and Basin in Banff, we became aware that there was a forest fire, some distance away but close enough for some of the effects to be noticeable, particularly the change to the light and the colour of the sky and, a bit later, the smell of smoke.