In the Rockies II


Photo 1 was taken at Fishercap Lake and photo 2 is a view from Going-to-the-Sun Road, both in Glacier National Park, Montana.

Calgary is my usual destination on my Canadian trips and is ideally situated for a trip (or two, or three) to the mountains.  I love spending time in the Rockies; I enjoy the hiking, the spectacular views and the feeling of being in a completely different world.  It’s always a little bit of a let-down to return to the city and real life!

On this visit, three of us decided to stay in Cardston and drive each day, either to Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta or to Glacier National Park, across the border in Montana.  Our biggest hike, on our last full day, was ranger-led and took us from Swiftcurrent to Grinnell Glacier, via two boat trips and a very steep climb!  It turned out to be well worth the effort; the scenery was stunning, not only when we reached the Glacier but all the way along the trail.




All of these photographs (and many more!) were taken on the Grinnell Glacier trail.  A fellow hiker commented that he felt compelled to take a photo about every thirty seconds, which was my experience too. 



Photo 1: Heart Creek, Alberta; photo 2: Apikuni Flat; photo 3: Lake Josephine; photos 4 and 5: on the road from Waterton to Pincher Creek; photo 6: Lake Sherburne; photo 7: view from St. Mary; photo 8: on the St. Mary Falls trail; photo 9: on the trail to Redrock Falls; photo 10: on the road from Cardston to Waterton; photo 11: on the trail from Wilbur Falls to Fishercap Lake and photo 12: on the trail from Wilbur Falls to Swiftcurrent.