Beauty and Strength

Whenever I am in the mountains, I am amazed at the resilience of the wildflowers and plants.  Many of them look very delicate but somehow survive the tough mountain conditions.

Grinnell Grinnell3 Grinnell9  Grinnell5Grinnell11 Grinnell12

All of these photos were taken on the trail to Grinnell Glacier.  The flowers were mostly found at a higher altitude, close to sources of water.  Some appeared to be springing from the rock, others were clustered around waterfalls.

Heart-Creek Heart-Creek3Wilbur-to-Fishercap3Heart-Creek8  Heart-Creek6Redrock-FallsRedrock-lake-to-falls2Heart-Creek5

The Indian Paintbrushes (the red flowers) are one of my favourites.  We found these at Heart Creek, Alberta and in the Redrock area of Glacier National Park, Montana.  One of our hikes started in the rain but a short while later the clouds rolled away, the sun shone and everything glistened.   

Grinnell Heart-Creek Trail-to-Redrock

We saw many butterflies and moths but, not surprisingly, they were reluctant subjects!