Just Around the Corner

IMG_3113A busy schedule and a slight addiction to Wimbledon have meant that my camera and I have not strayed far from home since our Durham trip and I wasn’t sure if I was going to have anything to post.  However, inspired by my sister, who recently stumbled across some rather lovely, if unexpected, places in Dartford, and by Swale Borough Council’s summer edition of Inside Swale Magazine, I decided to explore Milton Creek, a country park whose existence I wasn’t aware of until very recently.  I am glad I did.

I started out early (well, for a Sunday anyway!) and was at the park before 8.  It was a beautiful morning, warm and bright, and I quickly found that there were plenty of photo worthy subjects.

IMG_2998 IMG_3109IMG_3018 IMG_3054IMG_3008-edit IMG_3046

As in my first post, I intentionally chose an aperture of f/5.6 for all of these photos.  There was still dew on some of the leaves, even though the sun had risen several hours earlier. 

My poor sense of direction kicked in fairly quickly and I discovered that my map lacked sufficient detail, so spent a good deal of time wandering around not really knowing where I was – not that this impeded my enjoyment at all.  That said, I was grateful for the occasional subtle clue, such as the big sign indicating that I had somehow found my way to Milton Creek fishing lake!  It was beautiful there, peaceful and tranquil, and probably the highlight of the walk.

IMG_3023-b&w IMG_3037 IMG_3033

What I find fascinating about the park is that it was once a landfill site and today boasts a variety of different habitats, home to a range of species, as well as extensive footpaths, a play area for children and the railway track used by the Sittingbourne and Kemsley Light Railway.  I will certainly be back to explore further – perhaps with a compass!!

IMG_3057-b&wIMG_3081IMG_3095IMG_3049 IMG_3096 IMG_3060 IMG_3086IMG_3066IMG_3071

The spider responsible for the web in photo 2 was camera shy and ran away before I could take this shot!  For photo 7, I experimented with shutter speed.  At first, my shutter speed was too slow (1/6) and the passing truck blurred to such an extent that it virtually disappeared!  I then increased it to 1/80, which retained a sense of motion but also ensured the vehicle was visible.